FAITH & NATE - A Boutique Born From Love
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Faith & Nate

Faith & Nate truly is a boutique born from love.

We're a boutique, based online and in Nashville, Spring Hill and Franklin, Tennessee. We sell quality jewelry, apparel and more at a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. At Faith & Nate we have the most unique collection of affordable gift items. And we never sacrifice quality. We pride ourselves on finding a little bit of everything to match any budget or style. Our goal is to have a little something for anyone - even men AND kids!

Named for our daughter and our late-son, Faith & Nate was truly born from love. And 10% of our revenue goes to fund our two foundations started after the loss of our son at 21 weeks pregnant - the Nathan Sawyer Tucker Fetal Anomaly Fund and the Faith Leigh Tucker CAS Fund. Please read Our Story for more information. If you feel inspired, we'd love for your to share us with all your friends and family.

Oh, and check back often - we're always adding new and unique finds!

Faith & Nate. A boutique born from love.

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