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Brandy Tucker Our Story

Our son, Nathan Sawyer Tucker, became an angel in Heaven after 21 weeks and 2 days in his mother's womb. He was a little brother, a son and a grandson. He was wanted, and our family lost him before we ever got to meet him in person, although we know he lived within us and always will. 

He he had a Type II Stocker Classification  CCAM/CPAM. Some babies go on to live with these with no long-term issues. Some, like ours, have devastating and fatal effects. 

Sawyer had a large solid mass in his left lung, as well as other cysts in his lung. The mass pushed his little heart out of its normal left-side position. Sawyer's heart was in the middle of his chest. The mass would continue to push his heart until it just couldn't work anymore. The mass was also located in a place that it would push his esophagus until he couldn't swallow, causing maternal fluid build up until pre-term labor was a necessary life-saving measure. 

Babies that do have a lesser degree of severity of CCAM can make it to delivery, usually not to full-term. Most of them require surgery within the first 6 months of their life to ensure their mass doesn't turn to cancer, and to ensure the cysts do not cause recurring pneumonia. 

This type of fetal anomaly has no known causes, as many fetal anomalies have no known causes. Our family wants Sawyer's short life to have meaning. We want to find out why this happens and what could possibly be done in the future so that other families don't have to suffer, spend countless hours in hospitals, spend thousands of dollars in medical expenses, and so that babies born with fetal anomalies don't have to suffer in life. 

Everyone's story is different. They all have different endings. This is ours. We lost Sawyer on September 30, 2016, his mother's 40th birthday. 

  • sandra on

    Brandy, thank you for sharing your story with us at the Edgefield event yesterday. Baby loss is devastating to everyone involved. It’s just not the way life is supposed to be. I hope you will continue to inspire others to tell their stories as a way to share their grief. Baby loss is never something to be swept away. These babies are with us forever.

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